submissions for issue ii are open until June 21st !!



the Jupiter Review gratefully accepts submissions of poetry, prose, visual art, and spoken word. submissions are judged on a quarterly basis. although we do not discriminate art or encourage censorship, submissions of a particularly graphic and vulgar nature will be examined with a higher scrutiny. the Jupiter Review does not tolerate any work that is misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic or directly targets any group of people for discrimination. 

as of right now, the Jupiter Review does not have a specific theme for any of its issues.

the Jupiter Review judges submissions based on quality, not quantity. since we view all submissions blindly, kindly do not include your name or any identifying information in your submission document or title !!!!

we accept submissions from anyone aged 13+. we are open to simultaneous submissions. if you are accepted elsewhere (congrats!) please notify us at

submissions are required to have applicable trigger warnings clearly indicated at the beginning of the piece. this is done in the best interest of the editors. if this is an issue to you, kindly do not submit to us.


the Jupiter Review does not accept previously published work. we reserve First North American Serial Rights to every piece we publish. rights will revert back to the author directly after publication. we kindly ask that you credit Jupiter Review as the place your work first appeared, if published again.

poetry, prose, spoken word, and visual art submissions are being considered for issue ii. the deadline to submit to issue ii is june 21st, 2021. issue ii will be released on june 30th, 2021.

the Jupiter Review is committed to giving brief feedback to every work submitted for publication, regardless of whether or not we accept it.

if you submit more than 3 pieces, refuse to put your pieces on separate documents, or include identifying info, your submission will be automatically rejected and you won't receive feedback (essentially, just follow the submission guidelines). 


- poetry: please submit anywhere from 1 to 3 poems, with up to 200 lines per poem.

- prose: please submit prose up to 2,200 words in length.

- visual art: original paintings, photos, and drawings of any dimension are eligible. please submit up to 3 pieces of visual art per submission period.


please ensure all poetry and prose submissions are:

- black and white

- typed in 12-pt times new roman font

- in PDF format

- in English or Spanish

if you would like to submit multiple pieces of writing, please submit each piece in a separate PDF!!!! since we view submissions blindly, this makes our job a lot easier.

all submissions must be titled as follows:




ex: art_MonaLisa

have any additional questions? visit our FAQ page for more info, or contact us!